Angelina Chen: The “Smart City” concept !

Dear friends:
At the beginning, I was designated to lead the list MR. There were some tribulations in the party because finally there was a “second manipulated vote”. link.
After some negotiation, I took the last place on the list which is number 47. As you may know, this is an important place. It is actually the second more important place on the list. I have more responsibilities and decisions to take during the campaign.
My important program points are developed around the “Smart City” concept. I really think that new technology will bring more security, more sustainability, more growth. I mean we can improve the lives of the citizens and businesses that inhabit in a city/municipality by using data and technologies.
Of course, Smart cities will not be the answer to all our problems nor completely transform the way we live overnight. They will rather incremental transformations that will enhance our lives through a combination of small projects and wider infrastructure changes. That is why it is so important to include the citizens in the process. The “citizen platform” that I would like Schaerbeek to develop will collect comments, opinions, remarks, feedbacks from the citizens. After all, who knows better than the one who is living the situation?
The challenges for our municipalities have changed. Strong growth in urbanization, ageing, the search for a better well-being. To these challenges is added their desire to focus on sustainability, energy efficiency but also the necessary development of their economic and tourist attractiveness.
Therefore, for my commune, Schaerbeek, placing the citizen at the center of its concerns and including in its project mobility, efficiency, safety, training and health, energy and the world of work, is giving us the opportunity to be up to the challenges of tomorrow.