“Meeting Before Dawn”:九零后女孩拍《茶馆》记录中国最本真的时代

Yuanyuan “Adela” Li
Yuanyuan “Adela” Li

Hi Everyone!

I’m Yuanyuan “Adela” Li, from Beijing, a 90’s kid, this documentary’s principal filmmaker, a simple person, and when I encounter people or things I like, I just can’t contain myself. I believe this to be a very good quality, but my peers seem to believe otherwise (only sometimes though).

In China, time is the biggest difference between high school and college.

In 2011, when I entered university, I felt way too much freedom with my time; I started traveling along the Grand Canal, of which I had always heard about but never seen.

Totaling 1800 kilometers, from Beijing to Hangzhou, with one backpack: notebooks, a camera, medicine, clothes and toiletries.