Over 160,000 buyers to shop the world at first CIIE in Shanghai

Over 160,000 buyers to shop the world at first CIIE in Shanghai

By Li Yi from People’s Daily

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) is about to kick off soon, and more than 160,000 buyers are ready to shop the world.

Beijing will send a trade delegation comprising 14,354 individuals and 4,741 enterprises and organizations to the expo. They will mainly focus on the products, technologies, and services that are in accord with the industrial development of Beijing in the areas such as high-end equipment manufacturing, service trade, and scientific and technological innovation.

In addition, to better serve the needs of consumption upgrading, the Beijing delegation will also focus on high-end consumer goods and services.

Over 2,470 buyers from Tianjin municipality will attend the CIIE. They have formed several sub-delegations by professions such as intelligent manufacturing, medicine and health, education, tourism, recreation, sports, and social organizations.

About 30 percent of these buyers from Tianjin have reached preliminary purchasing agreements with the exhibitors that cover a wide range of fields including heavy machinery, flight equipment introduction and rental, importation of featured products and agricultural products, clean energy, finance, sports, and tourism.

East China’s Jiangsu province has established 16 sub-delegations to the CIIE early this June. It’s learned that 278 enterprises from these sub-delegations plan to make purchases of over 1 billion yuan ($144.3 million) in the next 5 years, while over 1,400 companies intend to buy 100 million to 1 billion yuan worth of goods during the same time period.

More than 2,000 buyers have joined the trade delegation of northeastern China’s Heilongjiang province, planning to buy a variety of goods including food, wood, automobile, machinery, consumer goods, smart home appliance, medical facilities, and service trade.

The Shanghai delegation, which enjoys the convenient access to the expo, sees 15,000 registered buyers for the first CIIE, 10,000 of whom have expressed intention to make purchases in the next 5 years. Hundreds of them intend to make purchases of over 1 billion yuan.

The Shanghai delegation focuses on precision and efficiency. It’s learned that it plans to purchase 10 billion yuan of manufacturing equipment, 2 billion yuan of cosmetics, 600 million yuan of medical facilities, and 100 million yuan of dairy products.